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If you believe that you're being accused or investigated for a crime, it's imperative that you contact an attorney before speaking to law enforcement officials.

At Mastrianni & Seguljic, LLC, we strive to help you get the most satisfactory outcome in your proceedings. Criminal law involves prosecution, by the state or federal government, of a person alleged to have committed an act that has been classified as a crime by the government.

If you're under suspicion or have been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, the state aims to punish, deter, incapacitate, or rehabilitate you. Let our competent attorneys help you protect your rights and get a fair trial for your case.

If you're a first-time offender, there are many alternative options that the state offers instead of incarceration.

First-Time Offender Programs Include:

  • Alcohol Education Program
  • Drug Education Program
  • Family Violence Program
  • Accelerated Rehabilitation
Through these programs, you can seek to be rehabilitated while allowing you to receive a dismissal of the charges.

Let Us Help You Fight for Your Rights

Being charged with a crime can be an emotionally traumatic experience. Not only does it lead to loss of reputation but it may also lead to the loss of an individual’s liberty.

Let our experienced professionals help you eliminate any negative consequences your case may have on your life. Our team can help defend and represent you through a wide variety of criminal offenses, including:
  • Domestic/Family Violence
  • Traffic Violations/Infractions
  • Drug Posession/Sale
  • Sexual Assault
  • Larceny and Robbery
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